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Become My Goddess, Won't you? Kars x Reader [P1]
    (Y/N) was a Scientist working for a company who were studying the ‘Pillar Men’. They appeared to be eons and eons old. All of them were quite marvelous to behold; especially the three horned one. There was something sort of…nonchalant about him. (Y/N) took a step forward, but not too close, as she observed such a deity.  “Wow…he sure is beautiful.” She muttered softly, getting out her sketchbook. The guards who had been guarding the ‘Pillar Men’ looked at her as if she had three horns; just like the man in the pillar she admired. “Uh…Miss?” One of the guards spoke up, rather shyly. “Hm…? What is it?” (Y/N) smiled at them and continued drawing. “Never mind…” He sighed. The guards just couldn’t interrupt her; she seemed so thrilled. 
After a while, she decided to sit down. “I’ll draw the other two tomorrow probably…” (Y/N) put he
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When the Stars Fall - Clear x Reader
    As (Y/N) looked up at the stars, she thought to herself: “What if the stars fell to the ground along with the moon?” It was a crazy thought but, it intrigued her. From downstairs, her Mother had called and told her to go to sleep. Sighing, she did just that. (Y/N) was not looking forward to the morning at all. School sucked.
    Morning arose and (Y/N) groaned. Her Mother sighed, ripping the sheets off. “Hurry up and get to school! One more late and you’re grounded.” Her Mother crossed her arms. Grumbling to herself, (Y/N) put her uniform on lazily and messily. Who cares about looks, right? Eventually, she got downstairs and attempted at finding some breakfast. “No, you’ll be late. Go now.” She scowled. “But, Mom…I need to eat in order to learn…” Biting her lip and clenching a fist, she was ready to burst out in tears. “Fine.” She contained her anger and slamm
:iconclears-fanfictions:Clears-Fanfictions 61 12
Why Of Course, Mademoiselle - Tsukiyama x Reader
The surrounding room was empty. No one else was to be found inside. It was dark, no; (Y/N) was blindfolded. This whole situation had to be true fear. She doesn't exactly remember how she got into this mess in the first place; it was all a blur. Letting out a deep sigh, the platform she was bound to seem to be moving. Down the rabbit hole and back again.
- Flash Back-
(Y/N) had been walking to school with her surrounding friends, per usual. However, she felt as if she was being examined from afar. It was not a good feeling to feel, that was for sure. Stopping, she took a moment to glance around her. No one to be found. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Shaking her head she spoke up. “It’s nothing. I just had a slight feeling.” The group continued their route to school having a few conversation pieces here and there. That feeling of being examined had not gone away, however. “(Y/N)!” She shot up from her seat after being yelled at by the Teacher.
:iconclears-fanfictions:Clears-Fanfictions 212 38
Hey, Be Safe - Nitori x Reader
It was winter, definitely. Even while (Y/N) was inside the bus, she was absolutely freezing. She sometimes wondered how it even got so cold in such a place. Oh well, no time for complaining. She sat down next to a boy who seemed her age. Feeling as if she knew him, she glanced over. Surprisingly, the boy glanced back and smiled. This startled her and caused her to bury deep within her comfortable scarf. Awkward eye contact has been made. Still shivering, (Y/N) rubbed her chilly hands together. The boy glanced back at the girl, frowning at the sight. Taking off one gloves, he pat (Y/N) on the shoulder to gain attention. “Excuse me, are you cold?” He smiled with his ocean pearls for eyes. She silently nodded, blushing. “Here you go, then! Oh, I’m Nitori! Who might you be?” Gently taking the glove form the other, she put it on. Now, what to do with that other hand? “I’m (Y/N), pleasure to meet you…uh…Nitori.” He nodded in respons
:iconclears-fanfictions:Clears-Fanfictions 57 8
Don't Be Shy, My Doll - Uta x Reader
A very petite looking girl walked down the streets of the 4th Ward. The streetlights reflected with in her (E/C) orbs beautifully and gave them an extra shimmer. Ah, the streetlights, she loved them. They gave a sense of security with their brightness compared to the surrounding darkness. Thankfully, the HySy ArtMask Studio what by one of those said comforting streetlights. Her heels tapped against the concrete as she walk along the sidewalk and into the shop. Masks filled the room and the walls left, right and all around. However, there was not a single sight of the owner. "Excuse me..." She shyly spoke. "Is anyone here?" Her voice could be easily heard in the silence of the shop. Though, there was no answer. Stepping deeper in the shop, there was still no Uta to be found. Puffing up her cheeks, she turned around slightly frustrated. As she was turning, she saw Uta right in front of her. "Boo." He spoke with an expressionless tone and face. However, that was enough to spook her and ma
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